BBA Marketing Communications Management…What does that mean?

A bachelor in business administration majoring in marketing communications management,  I feel truly connects all areas of an organization. Marketing techniques and applications are dependent on the companies’ management to determine the available resources and to facilitate communication between the departments. By having an understanding in all three vital areas, an employee would have a competitive advantage with their obtained skill set obtained by this unique specialized degree. These additional skills acquired would help the graduate to understand the “big picture” with all the inter-connecting parts. Quite often when working in marketing you might have a great idea for a product launch but the management aspect is critical to ensure success.

Corporate Marketing includes and is not limited to: organizational identity and corporate branding and the companies’ reputation and communication which includes the company and their various stakeholders of that company.  Creating a distinct unique brand for a company has become valuable.

Take Apple for example and their brand. John Sculley who used to work for Pepsi took over Apple’s marketing department in the 1990’s. Sculley turned Apple into the largest computer company in the world. How did he do this? He increased the advertising budget from $15 million to $100 million dollars a year and invested in the brand. Now not only are consumers hooked they are emotionally attached to Apple’s marketing technique. I can admit when I was in Europe and watched the commercial for the IPad 2; I was left speechless and moved.  They do an amazing job in their advertising strategy to connect with consumers, created a need for the product and ultimately driving consumers crazy wanting the newest, coolest and fastest pieces of technology with the signature Apple!

In a broad scope I feel, public relations, advertising, journalism and marketing are all similar because, each avenue ultimately manages communication between an organization and their publics. For example, public relations typically promote the goodwill between an organization and the public, the community, to their employees and customers. Advertising promotes a product or service; however advertisers still need to produce and create a key message to communicate to the publics from the company. In journalism reporters have the duty to presents a story to their audience and viewers based on their set style and format. For example Fox News is different from our local CHEK News.

As a little girl I wanted to go into journalism so bad. I grew up in the newsroom at the local TV station, as my Dad was the station manager. I was fascinated with the idea of becoming a reporter constantly chasing news worthy stories and seeing my finished story on the 6:00 news. My interests have now changed primarily due to a boarder understanding of the communications industry and all the available jobs. I like that the marketing communications and management degree leaves a variety of doors open. I have already had about ten years experience in marketing and promotions so I would like to try the public relations side.

Hopefully with my previous knowledge attained working at a major radio and television station, I will have another competitive advantage. I now understand the media’s view and how they like to spin the story, on the other hand public relations works to control the spin. I will be honest the actual art of writing actually intimidates me. Writing will create a challenge, which will provide an opportunity to evolve my craft.


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2 thoughts on “BBA Marketing Communications Management…What does that mean?

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