Reply to Communications Connection, ‘Appeal for Persuasion.’

Alycia I can totally relate your experience. I have very conservative buying habits however when a company uses the emotional appeal strategy I am often left torn like yourself. I agree that by slipping in the charity campaign into the bill the company is attempting to look socially responsible however, upon further research you will find that the company looking for donations (the world famine organization) most likely paid TELUS for the distribution of their advertisement to their subscribers! Surprise surprise!

So when you actually donate to that cause, the question is how much is actually going towards the advertising and how much is actually going to world famine.

Not trying to be the devil’s advocate but you have to be careful.

My credit card company did a similar campaign and almost half of your donation went to the overhead and very little to the cause. Isn’t that misleading! Especially as students when we are already pressed for money and just trying to do a good thing!



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