Inspiration… Everywhere!

This past summer I traveled abroad to Europe, more specifically Paris France. I found that there is really no comparison to the North American way of life, coffee on the go. Coffee to go in France just doesn’t exist. In France you actually have to allow for twenty minutes in the morning just to get your daily java. The European lifestyle in general is more laid back. People enjoy having their coffee and sitting outside on the street and people watch.

Typically I start my morning walking into my neighborhood Starbucks to get my morning java, I am fascinated people watching and Starbucks is the perfect place to as there really is a mixture of all types of people: people like myself who are getting ready to either go to work or school just making a quick stop, those who are meeting up with old friends or even cute little couples on their 1st or 2nd dates. I get inspired when I people watch because I always wonder what people’s real stories are… Who they are? What they do? How long they have been coming to that Starbucks? I am very inquisitive by nature.

I work in radio part-time as an announcer at Ocean 98.5 Victoria. I find my job inspires me as well. I also want to know the pressing news and keeping informed. I also feel the pressure present myself in the best manner possible. Show prep is huge, the ability to interact with your listeners and also goal setting. By benchmarking every week you are able to practice and prefect your craft, which inspires me.

I have to be honest writing has always been a struggle for me. I was actually illiterate until I was in grade six. My teacher actually approached me and asked me if I could actually read what is there on the page? I said no. I think given my weakness I have to work a lot harder. I worked on my reading with a tutor until I was back at the proper grade level and did numerous summers of reading comprehensions! Those summers sucked! I remember even when school was out for the summer my Mom would drill me with reading comprehensions before I could go out to play. Now I am grateful, because I am able to read, I am no longer illiterate and I have found my true calling in Communications. I think my disability actually inspired me to overcome this challenge.

Some of my favorite writers include, Robin Sharma who does leadership training for many major American organizations. He has written a few books including: The Saint the Surfer and the CEO, as well as the Monk That Sold his Ferrari and numerous other titles. His writing style is simple, precise and to the point.

I enjoy reading books and articles by John Steinbeck, who depicts the lives of the working class and periods throughout history including: WWII, the dirty thirties in America and specifically the California Valley area.

Daily I really enjoy reading the Times Colonist, Jack Knox’s local news column Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. He often has a humorous tone to his pieces and presents a slightly skewed view to evoke thought, which inspires me.

The writers I have mentioned above, I would also classify as “good work” to follow. Their pieces are presented logically, error free and provoke thought. All qualities I look for when I am looking at writing role models. I also like to read the CNW Groups newswires, which has wonderful examples of well-written news releases as well as social media releases. I like to try to stay current in the industry and reading releases helps to keep me current and also have an opportunity to view good writing habits to which give me ideas to mimic and very important NOT copy! I would never plagiarize anyone’s work! That is wrong on so many levels…. I am smarter than that and I have my own ideas!

“I am inspired by everything in life, which keeps me constantly striving for excellence.” –AG

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