Destory Normal… Taylor Conroy Will do…. in Just 3 Hours!

A good friend of mine local realtor Taylor Conroy,  also known as Condo Conroy has not only dominated the “condo” market, but has launched  and successfully raised $10,000 for charity in just 3 hours!

Conroy has taken his young entrepreneur expertise, paired with this extensive traveling experience (yes he has been to every continent in the world) and has reignited his passion in philanthropy. He has previously supported various charities but this time he set out to build a school for hundreds of deserving children in 3 hours!

Check out his YOUTUBE video this is the video he sent out to  his friends to encourage them to raise $10,000 dollars in 3 months to build a school,

Also here is a Ted Talk he did recently in Victoria, B.C., Canada,

This was just the beginning of his efforts! He inspired his girlfriend at the time and mother to do the same thing within their networks and build schools in areas they were passionate as well, such as in India!

Now when Conroy achieves a goal he is off to the next or to make the current idea even bigger through increased efficiency and speed.  So with his previous success of building a school in 3 months Conroy set out in early October to raise $10,000 in just 3 days! HE SUCCEEDED!!!  This was the blog he wrote on the eve of the unveiling,

Now the official details aren’t released yet, I guess a coffee date will have to be scheduled; however Conroy’s success story and continual endeavours are truly inspiring.

The Condo Group has aggressively added his success to their marketing campaign mail outs to inform the community of his efforts and also to share about the ability to giving back and affect those less fortunate.  Today I received my monthly mail out to my condo which stated the Condo Group is looking at going carbon neutral, an interesting driver to want to go to their website and learn more…right? I wonder what that means for a local real-estate company.

Either way Taylor Conroy is a communications genius with not only a great condo group site,   he is a blogging guru with, and also actively engages with his followers through social media including and not limited to Twitter and Facebook!

Conroy gets how to tie in all aspects of communication of his business from the PR angle, marketing and advertising!

He is one guy beyond doubt who is destroying normal… whatever normal is!  WAY TO GO T-ROY!

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2 thoughts on “Destory Normal… Taylor Conroy Will do…. in Just 3 Hours!

  1. Jacqui says:

    I love your video clip, and also your idea to raise the funds for a school. It is so simple! I am involved with trying to open a nursery / pre-school in South Africa, and although the building already exists, I have been raising money to refurbish it, and buy furniture, etc. You have really inspired me. I am trying to work out a way to make the project sustainable, and will be following your blog closely. Thanks! Jacqui.

    • Avery_Graham says:

      Jacqui- I can’t take any credit for the ideas as these are Taylor Conroy’s. I wanted to spread word of his amazing achievements and what he is doing. Please follow his blog above to stay current on all he is up too…he is a really busy guy.

      Thanks for your kind words- AG

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