The Hour of Enlightment…

I have to admit I am NOT a fan of George Stroumboulopoulos so
initially I really wanted to change the channel. Strombo however was
interviewing one of my favorite authors on leadership and the workplace, Robin
Sharma so I removed my finger from the remote to my TV.

Robin Sharma is Canadian from Halifax, became a lawyer for
all the wrong reasons and went on a pursuit to find his lost identity. He is
now the bestselling author of a number of leadership books including, ‘The
Leader Who Had No Title.’  You can view
his website, which has fabulous videos, blogs and also self teaching material,

Robin admits to George, that like most Canadians he was
going to work for the wrong reasons. Robin wanted to please the world around
him instead of himself. He had all the success, money and tools to be successful
but he felt a large disconnect with his work leading to a feeling of un-fulfillment
and disconnect! He had to pull back from the noise around him and go through a
process of rethinking his life: Why is he here? What makes life worth living? What
makes him happy?

Robin reveals the common thread amongst his quest… “Genius”
which you aren’t born into, genius is built.
Robin believes that we were all born genius and resign to mediocrity.
The reason behind this theory is when we are young we are connected to our
dreams and we are naive to the world around us. However as we age, we are
constantly being bombarded by the media, our friends, our neighbours and even
our haters, to change something about us.

The change starts like a seed, which becomes planted and
then grows. The growth happens as we become more and more disconnected from our
dreams and our visions. We need to stay connected to our vision in order to
achieve the end result we originally imagined for our life! After all it is our
life and we need to choose which direction we will go!

The vision we create is one that we know and believe which
will help us lead and not follow. This is a key leadership quality which will
aid in our survival of “genius” and promote a feeling of success with fulfillment!


You can view the CBS Interview on The Hour at

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