Re: Blog Comment: Facebook’s Social Job Portal Fights Unemployment

I completely agree with you Christie, I think Facebook is a very interesting platform but I wouldn’t think about using Facebook to find a job. Personally I only use Facebook to keep in touch with my friends in Winnipeg (where I used to live) and also to keep connected with my family in Quebec and California.

There is a controversial issue of adding your co-workers as friends on Facebook. If you don’t add them then it might be awkward but if you do add them then you always have to be cautious of how much information is too much!

Linkedin is a far more advanced as an online resume program, which only holds key employment information vs. your personal information.  Personally I would take a job posting more seriously and in a more professional manner if it was posted on Linkedin. If I saw the posting on Facebook I would question the integrity of the post.

Craigslist is another poor example of an example of a website, which contains local classifieds.  In my opinion I often question the integrity of the job posts on Craigslist as well. Most if the posts seem a bit “scammy”.

I understand the importance of using the Internet to post jobs however, which sites are deemed appropriate is the remaining question.


Here is the original article that Christie commented on.


One thought on “Re: Blog Comment: Facebook’s Social Job Portal Fights Unemployment

  1. Christie says:

    I use Facebook in a similar way Avery. In fact, most of my networking site use is pretty targeted to specific groups in my life.

    I would like to know how other people use Facebook. I have asked some clients and they, like us, wouldn’t want to mix their job search directly with their Facebook profile. But are we in the minority?

    There are so many job posts on Craigslist. It would be great to see the legitimate job/career traffic migrate to LinkedIn. Having said that, LinkedIn requires a lot more effort than Craigslist, and I wonder if most of those posts are made by people and businesses that will never embrace the other options. Maybe Facebook would be a good in between site for them…

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