Creating a Digital Mindset…

Technology will always be a major environmental factor to a business’s development, creating competitive advantage and ultimately their survival in the marketplace.

Constantly we need to accept and adapt to technology and embrace the change. I checked out a PR Insider with Maureen Kedes who interviewed Carol Ingley author of “The Digital Mindset- How to retool your skills and rewire your brain for…”

Presently going to school I am learning a lot of beneficial skills in marketing, communications and management but I am often left to think well how can I apply these skills with technology to achieve greater efficiency for my survival. If a robot can be created to do my job, then I can be easily replaced so I need to differentiate my self and also work with technology.

Carole has created 10 steps to shift to a digital mindset

Step 1. Embrace infinity. – Embrace the idea that there is an unlimited amount of information available due to the digital shift and be ok with not having to become an expert.

Step 2. Leverage infinity. – See the world in the “big picture” full of possibilities.

Step 3. Rewire your brain to the digital mindset. – You need to connect both sides of your brain the left which is the analytical side with the right side which is the intuitive side to achieve greater creativity through innovation with are keys to the future.

You also need to know how to empty your brain. You have to be able to put on the breaks and let things seep in the brain actually works better offline.

Step 4. Take on the digital mindset toolbox. – Another way to leverage infinity is by creating categories to separate ideas. For example start by putting everything into categories to begin to think about the idea of categories and how to be able to dip into the categories to create new products and services. As a consumer you are able to think ahead about the digital life you are creating.

Step 5. Make organization a top priority. – You need to take your categories and keep files all synced from the computer, your paper file, your bookmarks, your contacts and in your head by keeping the same name. This is because, the digital mindset needs an uncluttered mind, and you need to be relaxed with all your systems in place. You know when you walk away, things will be the same, and your digital assets are working for you.

Step 6. Layer creativity into your life. – Fundamentally you need to be able to mix and match ideas i.e. Changing a photo or adding audio to a photograph as apposed to doing things exactly the same way. The concept of the book is changing from the paper version to the kindle and now you can even have audio included. The overall idea of the book is changing.

Step 7. Employ digital workhorses.- Workhorses include: social media, alerts, search engines, and synchronization between devices.

Step 8. Track the trends. – One trend for example is what kind of software engineers do they have in other markets. Who are you competing with and what is the trend in salaries for the field you are in.

Step 9. Mesh the digital mindset with mobility. -Having the digital mind set toolbox accessible to people wherever and the balance to disconnect from technology to unclutter your mind because, as you are offline the blanks you are looking to fill in should fill in.

Step 10. Live the digital mindset life. – Execute, live and breathe the digital mindset to create a competitive edge. There are more choices available that you can tap into and create more efficiency.

These steps I think help to breakdown he stigma associated with technology and the rapid changes within the industry so every day people don’t feel completely overwhelmed and able to harness the advantages. I agree with the idea of categorizing especially because, my ideas are often scattered throughout the day but if I can file them and relate them to other ideas I might be able to remember them better and also implement them more effectively.

The digital mindset and the rewiring is the way of the future. As a keener who is trying to keep ahead of the curve I will be looking at these steps to see how I might be able to implement them.

What are your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Creating a Digital Mindset…

  1. lyndiloo4 says:

    Its always intimidating trying to figure out the newest technologies on the market, decide if they are the right tool for you and then figure out how to utilize all their fancy features (or at least some of them) in order to become more efficient. Always having to be connected, informed, productive and available make some of today’s ‘technology tools’ absolutely necessary but also completely distracting at the wrong times.

    Carole’s 10 Steps to shifting towards a digital mindset definitely made me feel hopeful the mere thought of grasping a small corner of the technology world. Step 5 sticks out though – MAKE ORGANIZATION A TOP PRIORITY. I think that goes far beyond the technology world, but organization can be brought to us in the easiest of ways with technology today. It is important to use what works for you, while enabling you to stay connected and utilize all the tools technology offers and stay competitive. Its important for every keener.

    Check out the podcast from Allie Osmar, interviewing Stever Robbins, writer of “Get It Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More”. It makes the notion of streamlining your life seem a little more simple also, and suggests even creating time completely away from your technology so that you are still able to utilize these items as tools and not distractions. Check the interview podcast @

    Enjoy 🙂

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