Re: Campaign: Dawn Vs. Coca-Cola

Stephanie I completely agree with you! Dawn hit a home run with their campaign and Coke had a hard time even connecting with the ball. In fact I had no idea at all they support the polar bears, this is all new to me. I just thought that was part of their imagining.

I think Telus is doing an amazing job showcasing the community involvement their brand has been associated and the impact they have in the community as well. For example Jeneece Edroff is building Jeneece’s Place for children and families to stay when they are  receiving life saving medical treatment away from their home. She started her incentive and to date has raised over 4 million dollars. Telus generously at the Telus World Skins Game and also has stood behind to support her dream!

Obviously companies need to COMPLETELY buy in to their philanthropic endeavors to achieve a successful execution.  I wonder how much Coke even donated to the campaign, if it is a continuing endeavor or if it was just a short-lived campaign to try and gain positive CSR.


Also I found another blog by Jordan Cook, Yellow is the New Green, who also supports my idea of the authenticity behind CSR and the idea of greenwashing to save you’re companies brand. A great blow which adds some additional insight!


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