A Reply to West2ERest, ‘Oh So Clever’

I completely agree this is a genius ad. The company that designed the ad definitely took into consideration where the ad was going to be placed and incorporated the medium into their strategy. By incorporating the medium into the message the company was able to create a conversation, peak curiosity and effectively communicate the message.

Humans are bombard with thousands of advertisements a day when carrying out their day, according to the movie Art and Copy, we receive 9,000 messages of persuasion a day!

Since it is municipal election time in Victoria, I noticed the lack of creativity in the mayor, school trustees etc. campaigns. “Vote whoever,” is the common “branding” strategy used, which isn’t very catchy and doesn’t appeal to emotion.  I wonder if political marketing is restricted? Political marketing is one area I think could be creatively reinvented.
Until then I will continue to drive pass the campaign signs and be elated that Saturday is election day and then the signs will be gone for another 4 years!


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