A Reply to The Aleks Brand Blog, ‘ “Natural” Deli Meats Not so Natural’

Recently I started reading all the packaging before buying specific items…yes it is tedious, but ultimately when you make something at home you are in completely control of what you are ingesting. So why not do the same by reading the package when buying something processed?

In the morning I am guilty I like to make a homemade egg mcmuffin with a piece of ham. The only product I can find which is nitrate free and I can read all the ingredients is, Schneider’s Country Naturals product line.

This is the smoked uncured black forest ham product with the ingredients clearly listed.

You can read all of the ingredients and the product is nitrate free!

I am wondering if this was originally the same product line and was reintroduced due to the controversy.

Interesting…Aleksandra your opinion expressed here definitely made me think twice about deli meat and the trade offs for convenience.

In our busy world, where everyone is in the go shouldn’t we be able to trust our food producers that we aren’t harming ourselves in the process!

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One thought on “A Reply to The Aleks Brand Blog, ‘ “Natural” Deli Meats Not so Natural’

  1. Completely agree with you Avery that we should be able to trust where we get our food from without having to worry about what is harmful. Not to mention those nutrition labels that many of us wonder how accurate they really are.

    Recently there was speculation of budget cuts that would possibly cut random food testing. Quite concerning considering we already assume that we are being told the truth. Just a few days ago on December 4 of this year, CTV news reported that, “Canada’s Agricultural Minister has denied reports indicating the federal government is getting rid of random food-label accuracy tests”(Madan, 2011). While still continuing to check nutrition labels, Minister Gerry Ritz also noted that “directed sampling has been put on hold indefinitely due to budgetary constraints,” the document read, adding samples will not be purchased from stores.

    However, we have a choice whether to buy these products or not, yet we still buy those items that we love regardless of what is said on the back…

    Reference: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Health/20111203/random-food-testing-inspections-cfia-111203/#ixzz1fuki5Xwl

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