A new advertising campaign for United Colors of Benetton has completely caught my eye. Benetton has built their advertising philosophy on Luciano Benetton’s belief that ‘communication should not be commissioned from outside the company but conceived from within its heart.’

The first advertising campaign released by Benetton was tag lined ‘All the Colors of the World’ which changed to United Colors of Benetton and became the company’s new logo moving forward.

The company has always believed in “united people” and uses advertising tactics to compare and contrast societal stereotypes. In 1986 their first controversial campaign ‘cycle of difference’ depicting religious and political conflict.

Previous advertising campaigns include:

  • Cycle of Reality
  • Cycle of Free Speech and the right to express it
  • Volunteers of Colors – depicting the volunteers of the UN
  • Food for Life – combat world hunger
  • Jane and the other Apes- based on Jane Goodall to depict the fundamental questions of mankind reflected in heir unique gazes.
  • Africa Works

Usually when you see an ad you distinctively remember the brand based on the shock value and the emotional reacting you have to the ad.

The NEW campaign just released… UNHATE, featuring political and spiritual leaders of the world… KISSING!

President Barack Obama is kissing Chinese Leader Hu Jintao and President Nicolas Sarkozy; North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Il

This campaign is also available for citizens to interact and combat the ‘culture of hatred’ by uploading a photo of lip locking in the kissing wall section.

Benetton released a press release stating, “the symbolic images of reconciliation, with a touch of iconic hope and constructive provocation- stimulate a reflection on how politics, faith and ideas, even when they are divergent and mutually opposed, use still lead to dialogue and mediation.”

Benetton is once again helping to create dialogue with his advertising tactics,  in a way that everyone worldwide can react to.

There are differences among all, no doubt about it.  Political, religious and leadership all play contributing factors however, there is no one-way to solve a problem.


UPDATE ***Benetton announced  they pulled the Pope/Imam ad, due to pressure from the Vatican…. opps it was pretty passionate after all, Imam was pulling the Pope in and gazing into this face… Awkward!

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5 thoughts on “UNHATE

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  2. alycialowdon says:

    I love this campaign, I think it is really effective in creating conversation and getting people to think about our world in a different way. United Colours of Benneton is definitely pushing the boundaries when it comes to advertisement. I understand why the Vatican pushed to get the ads removed however I think that may have been a mistake for them. I see the Vatican as a traditional religious organization and I feel they should have left the ad alone and allow the ad to create some personality for the Vatican. By pulling the ad from the campaign the Vatican could actually harm their reputation and display a negative persona towards a younger generation.

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  4. […] My favourite blog post from this term can be found on Avery Graham’s WordPress Blog. The blog post was on UNHATE- A new advertising campaign for United Colors of Benetton (https://averymgraham.wordpress.com/2011/11/17/unhate/) […]

  5. shifanar says:

    Week Fourteen (w/o December 5)
    Connect with another blogger. The blogger can be someone from our class, but it doesn’t have to be. Share your favourite post from this term with them, and post their favourite post to your blog. Make it very clear that the post is written by another person, and link to your guest’s blog.

    My favourite post from this term to share with A.G. Communications is on the advertising campaign that the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) has put on to increase awareness about Diabetes amongst the Youth found here: http://shifanar.wordpress.com/2011/11/19/cda-and-youth/

    My favourite blog post from this term can be found on Avery Graham’s WordPress Blog. The blog post was on UNHATE- A new advertising campaign for United Colors of Benetton (https://averymgraham.wordpress.com/2011/11/17/unhate/)

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