Interesting New Lego Ad Campaign

Why not create a campaigned based on imagination and creativity, through the eyes of your target market…yes, 4 to 12 year olds. Lego has joined with Perieira & O’ Dell (New York Advertising Agency) to do just that.

Light, Fun and free to interrupt as you will, the four page series showcases a piece of Lego amongst, kid gibberish. The final ad, just a single piece of Lego… not type just the tag line, “Every LEGO brick tells a story. Build Yours.”

I admire the simplicity. Most toy companies today are using over the top, over produced advertising campaigns that instil the image of need, want and desire, to the point that if a child doesn’t actually get the toy despair and desperation kick in!

The older generation will also be able to reflect on their childhood, so maybe there is mainstream appeal. The average North American kid, spent hours playing Lego in the living room; Lego has even become a part of the classroom for learning as well.

The only suggestion I would have might be to see how kids from around the world view that same piece of Lego. Lego is a Denmark company. Compare and contrast different countries and share stories of laughter! You could even expand it to have a grandfather playing Lego with their grandchild and sharing his story, since it is now a multi-generational product.

Kudos Lego, personally I like the new campaign.


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