Target set to debut tv commerical to Canada during the Oscars


Well the new TV ad campaign for Target is set to be unveiled this weekend. According to Yahoo! News, the campaign is simple and centered around neighbourliness. This is also echoed with their new slogan, “We can’t wait to meet you”. They have even paired with ROOTS to create a limited edition clothing line.

For all those not fimilar with the Canadian company Roots…ROOTS actually began as a simple idea; it was inspired by Ontario’s Algonquin Park and the Canadian wilderness. Pretty neat, the logo for the company is actually one of Canada’s national symbols the beaver. Therefore, Target and ROOTS seem like the perfect pairing; ROOTS is the friendly Canadian, helping their American cousin to gain the market.

What is also fun to speculate is what the commercial will be like.

Rumor has it…

– The Mr. Rogers, theme song, “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” will be played.

-Of course it will most likely contain their ever so popular “bull’s eye” theme. Yup Target used this campaign to help differentiate themselves from Wal-Mart and Kmart in the late 90’s. Yes, they all have low prices however; Target wanted to brand based on personality and showcases the chic side of its cheap-chic identity.

-Bright colors will be used with red and white landmarks most likely.

One thing is for sure, Target will still offer Canadian customers their promise.

Customers should expect more of everything: more design, more selection and more exclusives you won’t find anywhere else. And it means you’ll pay less for what you want.

Also they have a great guest service guarantee.

Either way it is a “Win Win” for Canadian’s and healthy competition to those already in the market place.

Personally I can’t wait to check it out. Will you?


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