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Will UGG Austrailia become Sexy Again?

Well Tom Brady is now staring in the new UGG AUSTRALIA FOR MEN ads and I have to say… I can’t complain. Since the UGG boot became popular in 2008, the boot has been ridiculed by fashionistas that it needs resuscitation before the brand is lost forever. Looks to me that UGG was able to do that; thoughts?

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“Pump” Bank Notes? An Interesting Advertising Campaign…

This new advertising campaign for Bangkok’s Best Currency Exchange Rate Company, Super Rich, immediately caught my attention on http://www.adsoftheworld.com .

Money is a relatable attention grabber, we all have money or all want more of it, so the concept of using a 100 dollar bill from various currencies and exaggerating their “plumpness” works!

The concept is particularly effective to support the campaigns hook “Gain More”. From Mao, The Queen of England and Lincoln the currency exchange company demonstrates they are striving to give consumers the best rate possible currency to currency, which is a key to the success of their business. Also the hook effectively communicates and supports the: the banking and investment industry, the various cultures worldwide and the clientele that their business caters to.
The various ads in this campaign have a consistent layout in design and repeats the same elements at each touch point, which allows customers to easily recognize their brand and company in a blink. Consistency also helps to build trust and comfort with the customers who are critical to the banking industry, and the future growth for Super Rich.
Ultimately this is a new campaign so it will be interesting to see the response. If the business isn’t growing sales or generating new customers as a result the advertising campaign will need to be changed to become more effective. One thing that might help the campaign is to shrink the hook, “Gain More” and increase the Super Rich logo as it is almost lost. Also it might help to increase the size or change the color the white band with the hook and company logo to be more attention grabbing.

Otherwise an interesting campaign… what are your thoughts?

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