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Scandalous or Typical ?

Penelope Cruz is under some scrutiny over the new ad video she directed for Lingerie giant Agent Provocateur. Yup in 5 minutes it is exactly what every woman thinks. Actor Miguel Angel Silvestre is portrayed as L’Agent and is surrounded by scantily clad women. My initial reaction was wow the women in this really look like pieces of meat! I can’t believe Penelope directed this and is trying to get women to buy their product. However, the short video ends with a sudden twist…

Yes, it was only just a dream. So yes this lingerie will have your man dreaming of you. But is it also kinda ironic considering men typically think about sex every 7 seconds which is more than 8000 times a day and 56 000 times in a week. Boh -ya this short video hits the nail on the head. So don’t be so quick to judge and order some Agent Provocateur immediately as a gift for your hard working self.

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McClose Up…Genius or a McStake?

mcdonalds-unbranded-big-mac-hed-2013    mcdonalds-unbranded-3

Branding Branding Branding is essential to the success of any business.  You might think you have hit it big time when you can afford ditch your branding efforts and create a major advertising campaign around close ups of your foods. If you were a McDonald’s ad executive that seems to be the case.  Introducing the McCloseUp campaign: to capitalize on the recent trend of food porn.

Maybe in the 1950’s this wouldn’t be so risky. McDonald’s after all was revolutionizing the restaurant industry and changed the farming and food distribution business. Opened in 1940 by brother’s Dick and Murice (Mac), McDonald’s populated Route 66 in San Bernardio California. The brother’s noticed that almost all of their profits were coming from the sale of their hamburgers so they created the “Speedee Service System” of food preparation. The end result, they were able to reduce the cost of creating the burgers and create a franchise business.  In fact their 100 millionth hamburger was served shortly after in 1958.  Source [http://www.livinghistoryfarm.org/farminginthe50s/life_16.html]

Fast forward to today and the National Restaurant Association says that the American sales of fast food totaled $163.5 billion dollars in 2005. McDonalds grew in 2005 5.6 percent globally with 30,000 franchised stores in more than 120 countries. Source [http://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/edible-innovations/fast-food3.htm]

Is this a risky move for McDonald’s to eliminate the golden arches in their advertisements? Or is their food so well known it won’t make a difference? Is their hamburger so recognizable that 100% of the time the consumer knows McDonald’s? Perhaps the signature Big Mac isn’t easily mistakable but what about the Sundae?

According to the Toronto Star, Sharon Aschaiek suggests that your brand isn’t your logo but your companies identity which consists of differentiating your message, knowing your competition, targeting your audience creating your vision and bringing it all together.  With that all said, I think this is a major fail for the restaurant giant. Targeted campaign? Nope. Differentiation? Not really… it’s rather boring. Anyone can close up their food. Maybe that’s what they would have done ran a campaign called “your McCloseUp” featuring their customers from around the world eating their product. Obviously the product would look the same, but who is eating it…. Wouldn’t that create a buzz?

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A new advertising campaign for United Colors of Benetton has completely caught my eye. Benetton has built their advertising philosophy on Luciano Benetton’s belief that ‘communication should not be commissioned from outside the company but conceived from within its heart.’

The first advertising campaign released by Benetton was tag lined ‘All the Colors of the World’ which changed to United Colors of Benetton and became the company’s new logo moving forward.

The company has always believed in “united people” and uses advertising tactics to compare and contrast societal stereotypes. In 1986 their first controversial campaign ‘cycle of difference’ depicting religious and political conflict.

Previous advertising campaigns include:

  • Cycle of Reality
  • Cycle of Free Speech and the right to express it
  • Volunteers of Colors – depicting the volunteers of the UN
  • Food for Life – combat world hunger
  • Jane and the other Apes- based on Jane Goodall to depict the fundamental questions of mankind reflected in heir unique gazes.
  • Africa Works

Usually when you see an ad you distinctively remember the brand based on the shock value and the emotional reacting you have to the ad.

The NEW campaign just released… UNHATE, featuring political and spiritual leaders of the world… KISSING!

President Barack Obama is kissing Chinese Leader Hu Jintao and President Nicolas Sarkozy; North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Il

This campaign is also available for citizens to interact and combat the ‘culture of hatred’ by uploading a photo of lip locking in the kissing wall section.

Benetton released a press release stating, “the symbolic images of reconciliation, with a touch of iconic hope and constructive provocation- stimulate a reflection on how politics, faith and ideas, even when they are divergent and mutually opposed, use still lead to dialogue and mediation.”

Benetton is once again helping to create dialogue with his advertising tactics,  in a way that everyone worldwide can react to.

There are differences among all, no doubt about it.  Political, religious and leadership all play contributing factors however, there is no one-way to solve a problem.


UPDATE ***Benetton announced  they pulled the Pope/Imam ad, due to pressure from the Vatican…. opps it was pretty passionate after all, Imam was pulling the Pope in and gazing into this face… Awkward!

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Starbucks may have decorated their stores and launched their holiday classic drinks the day after Halloween. But today is a special day because, the red holiday cup which they serve your favourite peppermint mocha in, now come to life!
Yes the holiday red cups are now completely interactive and displays graphics animated in an augmented reality! You can get the new Christmas app for your iPhone or Andriod phone.

Once the “Cup Magic” app is downloaded, just click on -experience- bring the cup to life and BAM… you are instantly transformed into a festive mood with snow falling and the different Starbucks characters coming to life!


How long will it take and who will be the first company to replicate this type of advertising strategy?

Any Guesses?
Also check out Canada’s own, double Juno award winner Greg Sczebel’s new hoiliday single Perfect, which is #4 on itunes!  It is a Perfect holiday song to go along with your Starbucks holiday drink with digital snow falling all around!

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