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Like Santa for your Vagina

Interesting advertising /PR campaign for girl’s starting their menstrual cycles. Back 50 years ago this would be frowned upon and completely unacceptable. Fast forward today and discussing menstruation has taken an interesting spin, not only celebrating the arrival of “the red badge of courage” but also suggesting the idea of care packages that arrive based on your cycle.

Genius! Thank you… Helloflo! *Sigh… only wish you shipped to Canada. How convenient order your supplies and also any treats you would like to indulge in during that time of the month. Talk about a positive spin on Flo’s arrival . I also bet you will never forget the company HelloFlo based on their Genius YouTube video. Cheers ladies!

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Sexy Salad? Yes Please!

Where is my SEXY salad?  That’s all I have to ask after watching this ad. Yes it is a take off of the original Old Spice ads starting with “hey ladies” but wait 5 seconds and you will want to know whats next. It’s genius marketing that’s hot and steamy and fresh. Y

Personally it makes me actually want to eat a normally salad. The ad also subconsciously  reminds me the benefits of easting a salad, a toned body and eyes that twinkle. Might help out too if you count my post yesterday on the Agent Provocateur lingerie. They are pretty little so salads will make you look memorable.  Now now I’m kidding. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. But healthy food hasn’t always been portrayed as sexy and thanks to Kraft it is. Kuddos!

PS. What’s your favorite salad?

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Scandalous or Typical ?

Penelope Cruz is under some scrutiny over the new ad video she directed for Lingerie giant Agent Provocateur. Yup in 5 minutes it is exactly what every woman thinks. Actor Miguel Angel Silvestre is portrayed as L’Agent and is surrounded by scantily clad women. My initial reaction was wow the women in this really look like pieces of meat! I can’t believe Penelope directed this and is trying to get women to buy their product. However, the short video ends with a sudden twist…

Yes, it was only just a dream. So yes this lingerie will have your man dreaming of you. But is it also kinda ironic considering men typically think about sex every 7 seconds which is more than 8000 times a day and 56 000 times in a week. Boh -ya this short video hits the nail on the head. So don’t be so quick to judge and order some Agent Provocateur immediately as a gift for your hard working self.

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Hyundia Sets the Bar for Parking Etiquette!

I am amazed by how terrible people can be at parking their vehicles. Sorry if I am offending you if you have issues, but honestly I am noticing more than a few times my truck has been sandwiched and I’ve had to awkwardly find a way in.

There really is no reason to park close to someone. Take this Hyundai ad, which comically pushes the envelop by having to fold in the mirrors on their Sorento SUV to fit into the spot. How do they get out you ask… simple the trunk.

Society is getting lazy. We now have automatically parking cars. Crazy right. So if you can’t or don’t want to parallel park you don’t have to. Also society is getting lazy…Yup lazy. How hard is it to park a bit further out and walk into the store. But the funny thing if you park to far out someone ends up beside you too. So I have to ask where the middle ground.

I like that Hyundai can find the humor in one of my serious pet peeves. Cheers and remember the white lines you are suppose to park in between not on or over… you get my drift.

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Re: Campaign: Dawn Vs. Coca-Cola

Stephanie I completely agree with you! Dawn hit a home run with their campaign and Coke had a hard time even connecting with the ball. In fact I had no idea at all they support the polar bears, this is all new to me. I just thought that was part of their imagining.

I think Telus is doing an amazing job showcasing the community involvement their brand has been associated and the impact they have in the community as well. For example Jeneece Edroff is building Jeneece’s Place for children and families to stay when they are  receiving life saving medical treatment away from their home. She started her incentive and to date has raised over 4 million dollars. Telus generously at the Telus World Skins Game and also has stood behind to support her dream!

Obviously companies need to COMPLETELY buy in to their philanthropic endeavors to achieve a successful execution.  I wonder how much Coke even donated to the campaign, if it is a continuing endeavor or if it was just a short-lived campaign to try and gain positive CSR.


Also I found another blog by Jordan Cook, Yellow is the New Green, who also supports my idea of the authenticity behind CSR and the idea of greenwashing to save you’re companies brand. A great blow which adds some additional insight!


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Reply to Communications Connection, ‘Appeal for Persuasion.’

Alycia I can totally relate your experience. I have very conservative buying habits however when a company uses the emotional appeal strategy I am often left torn like yourself. I agree that by slipping in the charity campaign into the bill the company is attempting to look socially responsible however, upon further research you will find that the company looking for donations (the world famine organization) most likely paid TELUS for the distribution of their advertisement to their subscribers! Surprise surprise!

So when you actually donate to that cause, the question is how much is actually going towards the advertising and how much is actually going to world famine.

Not trying to be the devil’s advocate but you have to be careful.

My credit card company did a similar campaign and almost half of your donation went to the overhead and very little to the cause. Isn’t that misleading! Especially as students when we are already pressed for money and just trying to do a good thing!


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