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Apple Steps up to Eliminate Counterfeit Chargers Due to “Safety Issues”

In China 2 people have been seriously injured and killed charging their Iphones with counterfeit chargers. Instead of Apple turning their heads and washing their hands clean they have decided to take the high road. Yup! They launched a new program that allows customers a chance to trade in their third party counterfeit chargers in exchange for a discounted $10.00 replacement. Oh course Apple will validate the customer’s product using their product serial number, but at least they are doing something.

The “Takeback Program” will launch Aug. 9 in China and Aug. 16 in the US and will end Oct. 18, 2013. You can also visit Apple China to check your chargers authenticity. (http://www.apple.com.cn/power-adapters/)


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Starbucks may have decorated their stores and launched their holiday classic drinks the day after Halloween. But today is a special day because, the red holiday cup which they serve your favourite peppermint mocha in, now come to life!
Yes the holiday red cups are now completely interactive and displays graphics animated in an augmented reality! You can get the new Christmas app for your iPhone or Andriod phone.

Once the “Cup Magic” app is downloaded, just click on -experience- bring the cup to life and BAM… you are instantly transformed into a festive mood with snow falling and the different Starbucks characters coming to life!


How long will it take and who will be the first company to replicate this type of advertising strategy?

Any Guesses?
Also check out Canada’s own, double Juno award winner Greg Sczebel’s new hoiliday single Perfect, which is #4 on itunes!  It is a Perfect holiday song to go along with your Starbucks holiday drink with digital snow falling all around!

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