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Will UGG Austrailia become Sexy Again?

Well Tom Brady is now staring in the new UGG AUSTRALIA FOR MEN ads and I have to say… I can’t complain. Since the UGG boot became popular in 2008, the boot has been ridiculed by fashionistas that it needs resuscitation before the brand is lost forever. Looks to me that UGG was able to do that; thoughts?

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Difficulties while driving new Honda Campaign Suggestion.


The new Honda, “Difficulties while driving? You’re only human” campaign highlights “anything to make our lives easier.” They currently use an unnamed actor/model with a bee to highlight Honda’s new lane departure warning technology because, well distractions happen.

When I first saw this new campaign, I thought maybe a better spokesperson would be Lindsay Lohan.  Let’s face it; Lindsay’s eyes don’t always stay on the road so maybe Honda’s Lane departure warning system would help alert Lindsay when she unintentionally drifts out of her lane.

Both way kudos on the new technology Honda and I actually love your new campaign even with the unknown red head.


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