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Like Santa for your Vagina

Interesting advertising /PR campaign for girl’s starting their menstrual cycles. Back 50 years ago this would be frowned upon and completely unacceptable. Fast forward today and discussing menstruation has taken an interesting spin, not only celebrating the arrival of “the red badge of courage” but also suggesting the idea of care packages that arrive based on your cycle.

Genius! Thank you… Helloflo! *Sigh… only wish you shipped to Canada. How convenient order your supplies and also any treats you would like to indulge in during that time of the month. Talk about a positive spin on Flo’s arrival . I also bet you will never forget the company HelloFlo based on their Genius YouTube video. Cheers ladies!

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Apple Steps up to Eliminate Counterfeit Chargers Due to “Safety Issues”

In China 2 people have been seriously injured and killed charging their Iphones with counterfeit chargers. Instead of Apple turning their heads and washing their hands clean they have decided to take the high road. Yup! They launched a new program that allows customers a chance to trade in their third party counterfeit chargers in exchange for a discounted $10.00 replacement. Oh course Apple will validate the customer’s product using their product serial number, but at least they are doing something.

The “Takeback Program” will launch Aug. 9 in China and Aug. 16 in the US and will end Oct. 18, 2013. You can also visit Apple China to check your chargers authenticity. (http://www.apple.com.cn/power-adapters/)


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Sexy Salad? Yes Please!

Where is my SEXY salad?  That’s all I have to ask after watching this ad. Yes it is a take off of the original Old Spice ads starting with “hey ladies” but wait 5 seconds and you will want to know whats next. It’s genius marketing that’s hot and steamy and fresh. Y

Personally it makes me actually want to eat a normally salad. The ad also subconsciously  reminds me the benefits of easting a salad, a toned body and eyes that twinkle. Might help out too if you count my post yesterday on the Agent Provocateur lingerie. They are pretty little so salads will make you look memorable.  Now now I’m kidding. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. But healthy food hasn’t always been portrayed as sexy and thanks to Kraft it is. Kuddos!

PS. What’s your favorite salad?

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Scandalous or Typical ?

Penelope Cruz is under some scrutiny over the new ad video she directed for Lingerie giant Agent Provocateur. Yup in 5 minutes it is exactly what every woman thinks. Actor Miguel Angel Silvestre is portrayed as L’Agent and is surrounded by scantily clad women. My initial reaction was wow the women in this really look like pieces of meat! I can’t believe Penelope directed this and is trying to get women to buy their product. However, the short video ends with a sudden twist…

Yes, it was only just a dream. So yes this lingerie will have your man dreaming of you. But is it also kinda ironic considering men typically think about sex every 7 seconds which is more than 8000 times a day and 56 000 times in a week. Boh -ya this short video hits the nail on the head. So don’t be so quick to judge and order some Agent Provocateur immediately as a gift for your hard working self.

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Hyundia Sets the Bar for Parking Etiquette!

I am amazed by how terrible people can be at parking their vehicles. Sorry if I am offending you if you have issues, but honestly I am noticing more than a few times my truck has been sandwiched and I’ve had to awkwardly find a way in.

There really is no reason to park close to someone. Take this Hyundai ad, which comically pushes the envelop by having to fold in the mirrors on their Sorento SUV to fit into the spot. How do they get out you ask… simple the trunk.

Society is getting lazy. We now have automatically parking cars. Crazy right. So if you can’t or don’t want to parallel park you don’t have to. Also society is getting lazy…Yup lazy. How hard is it to park a bit further out and walk into the store. But the funny thing if you park to far out someone ends up beside you too. So I have to ask where the middle ground.

I like that Hyundai can find the humor in one of my serious pet peeves. Cheers and remember the white lines you are suppose to park in between not on or over… you get my drift.

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McClose Up…Genius or a McStake?

mcdonalds-unbranded-big-mac-hed-2013    mcdonalds-unbranded-3

Branding Branding Branding is essential to the success of any business.  You might think you have hit it big time when you can afford ditch your branding efforts and create a major advertising campaign around close ups of your foods. If you were a McDonald’s ad executive that seems to be the case.  Introducing the McCloseUp campaign: to capitalize on the recent trend of food porn.

Maybe in the 1950’s this wouldn’t be so risky. McDonald’s after all was revolutionizing the restaurant industry and changed the farming and food distribution business. Opened in 1940 by brother’s Dick and Murice (Mac), McDonald’s populated Route 66 in San Bernardio California. The brother’s noticed that almost all of their profits were coming from the sale of their hamburgers so they created the “Speedee Service System” of food preparation. The end result, they were able to reduce the cost of creating the burgers and create a franchise business.  In fact their 100 millionth hamburger was served shortly after in 1958.  Source [http://www.livinghistoryfarm.org/farminginthe50s/life_16.html]

Fast forward to today and the National Restaurant Association says that the American sales of fast food totaled $163.5 billion dollars in 2005. McDonalds grew in 2005 5.6 percent globally with 30,000 franchised stores in more than 120 countries. Source [http://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/edible-innovations/fast-food3.htm]

Is this a risky move for McDonald’s to eliminate the golden arches in their advertisements? Or is their food so well known it won’t make a difference? Is their hamburger so recognizable that 100% of the time the consumer knows McDonald’s? Perhaps the signature Big Mac isn’t easily mistakable but what about the Sundae?

According to the Toronto Star, Sharon Aschaiek suggests that your brand isn’t your logo but your companies identity which consists of differentiating your message, knowing your competition, targeting your audience creating your vision and bringing it all together.  With that all said, I think this is a major fail for the restaurant giant. Targeted campaign? Nope. Differentiation? Not really… it’s rather boring. Anyone can close up their food. Maybe that’s what they would have done ran a campaign called “your McCloseUp” featuring their customers from around the world eating their product. Obviously the product would look the same, but who is eating it…. Wouldn’t that create a buzz?

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Costa Concordia a PR Nightmare!

Costa Concordia

Almost a month later and still there is no statement released from Carnival Cruise Ships the parent company of the Costa Concordia, an 114,500-tonne cruise liner, which slammed into a rock off the island Of Giglio Italy. With the ship now perched on a rocky ledge further up the coast there is now 32 people dead!

This is another company which has demonstrated compete negligence in regards to the public relations nightmare, which has resulted.  Why are corporations not investing in communications and practicing their releases in the event that a situation like this should arise.

Maybe Carnival Cruises should look at BC Ferries Communication’s Policies.  On March 22, 2006 at 1 AM, BC Ferries’ The Queen of the North sank just south of Prince Rupert BC upon hitting Gil Island. The PR response to this accident was commendable.   “It shook the company to its core,” B.C. Ferries president David Hahn said Tuesday of the only such accident in the 52-year history of the privately operated, but provincially owned, entity (Globe and Mail). They knew exactly when the ferry had hit the island, the communications team immediately jumped into action getting to the accident within the 1st hour. They worked with the local community where the accident took place. Not only did they solidify their message but they were selective in the media outlets to control the story as well.

In the end the cause of the accident was human error due to 3 BC Ferries employees who neglected their navigational duties.  Regardless of the cause, they maintained communication, kept their image intact and have regained customer loyalty.

Now theguardian is reporting the Costa Concordia passenger rep Domnica Cermortan was in love with the captain, Francesco Schettino and could have distracted him causing the crash. This was all discovered after a retired couple, passengers on board said hey say the captain entertain the  young lady and that he had drank copious amounts of wine before heading to the bridge to carry out the manoeuvre, which ultimately failed.

Really…. still nothing to say Carnival?

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Can I Persude You to Read This Blog Entry?

As humans we are constantly being persuaded throughout the day. According to Aristotle there are three categories, which combine together to create persuasion: ethos, pathos and logos.

  1. Ethos refers to the person actually trying to persuade you. Is there creditability being built between the speaker and listener and ultimately will an impression be made.
  2. Pathos is simple and refers to emotion. By telling stories, creating metaphors and using analogies an emotional connection can be formed. For example Google has a commercial called, “Dear Sophie”. Every time I watch this simple 30-second commercial, featuring a father who creates an email account where he emails his daughter since the day she was born, I am left speechless and teary eyed. It was a simple commercial for Google Chrome showcasing the power of their product but they effectively emotionally connect with viewers. We all started our lives as babies, we all have a father and who wouldn’t want to log into an email account, which has kept an electronic copy of our childhood from our father’s point of view. When I was little, not too long ago, parents left messages on their camcorders for their children to view in later years, which is now quickly becoming obsolete. Talk about technological advancement!
  3. Logos refers to logic or the argument the communicator is trying to present. Is it logical? Is it valid? Do you feel confident with the idea being presented?

Based on the understanding of persuasion, marketers and communicators are able to apply a particular technique to the message they wish to communicate to the pubic. For example, in corporate communications you might use a bandwagon approach to persuade people to do something or buy something just because everyone else is. You might use repetition, to create brand awareness by increasing the frequency of your commercial. For example, ICBC a Crown corporation for insurance in British Columbia, not only buys commercials on the radio but they also sponsor weather segments to create a high saturation during peak listening times to advertise their brand.

Politics uses different persuasion techniques as well. We all know when election time hits, the signs go up everywhere and we are constantly persuaded to vote for a particular party.   Politics uses a variety of approaches including: emotional wording, testimonials, repetition, common sense, reasoning, innuendos, plain folk and in extreme cases: card stacking and name-calling.  The type of technique used sets a tone between the political party and the various publics, so caution does need to be used.  Joe the Plumber was an employee of a plumbing company who quickly became a metaphor for the middle class Americans during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. This type of persuasion, plain folk, was extremely successful. Joe was not only relate-able to middle class America, but he created emotion between votes based on his common sense argument around the small business tax policy.  I think politics is the most interesting realm of persuasion to watch. How far can a party go?

I can honestly say I am a rational and conservative person; emotionally geared persuasion techniques are the best way to persuade my wallet. Most of the time when I think I need something or have been persuaded, I stop and ask myself do I really need that? Will I actually use it? Do I already have something similar? Would my money be better in the bank collecting interest instead? Sounds like a simple solution, and it is! If I slow down and ask myself these questions, I am more likely to be aware that I am being persuaded and make a better decision.

If all else fails and I fall into my emotions, there is always a return policy…. Right?

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BBA Marketing Communications Management…What does that mean?

A bachelor in business administration majoring in marketing communications management,  I feel truly connects all areas of an organization. Marketing techniques and applications are dependent on the companies’ management to determine the available resources and to facilitate communication between the departments. By having an understanding in all three vital areas, an employee would have a competitive advantage with their obtained skill set obtained by this unique specialized degree. These additional skills acquired would help the graduate to understand the “big picture” with all the inter-connecting parts. Quite often when working in marketing you might have a great idea for a product launch but the management aspect is critical to ensure success.

Corporate Marketing includes and is not limited to: organizational identity and corporate branding and the companies’ reputation and communication which includes the company and their various stakeholders of that company.  Creating a distinct unique brand for a company has become valuable.

Take Apple for example and their brand. John Sculley who used to work for Pepsi took over Apple’s marketing department in the 1990’s. Sculley turned Apple into the largest computer company in the world. How did he do this? He increased the advertising budget from $15 million to $100 million dollars a year and invested in the brand. Now not only are consumers hooked they are emotionally attached to Apple’s marketing technique. I can admit when I was in Europe and watched the commercial for the IPad 2; I was left speechless and moved.  They do an amazing job in their advertising strategy to connect with consumers, created a need for the product and ultimately driving consumers crazy wanting the newest, coolest and fastest pieces of technology with the signature Apple!

In a broad scope I feel, public relations, advertising, journalism and marketing are all similar because, each avenue ultimately manages communication between an organization and their publics. For example, public relations typically promote the goodwill between an organization and the public, the community, to their employees and customers. Advertising promotes a product or service; however advertisers still need to produce and create a key message to communicate to the publics from the company. In journalism reporters have the duty to presents a story to their audience and viewers based on their set style and format. For example Fox News is different from our local CHEK News.

As a little girl I wanted to go into journalism so bad. I grew up in the newsroom at the local TV station, as my Dad was the station manager. I was fascinated with the idea of becoming a reporter constantly chasing news worthy stories and seeing my finished story on the 6:00 news. My interests have now changed primarily due to a boarder understanding of the communications industry and all the available jobs. I like that the marketing communications and management degree leaves a variety of doors open. I have already had about ten years experience in marketing and promotions so I would like to try the public relations side.

Hopefully with my previous knowledge attained working at a major radio and television station, I will have another competitive advantage. I now understand the media’s view and how they like to spin the story, on the other hand public relations works to control the spin. I will be honest the actual art of writing actually intimidates me. Writing will create a challenge, which will provide an opportunity to evolve my craft.


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