Copeland Communications = Your Copeland = Effective Social Media Branding

I spent a week following @yourcopland, a twitter account for Copeland Communications which is an advertising agency in Victoria BC.

Copeland actively uses their twitter account and has 6 tweeters who bring unique views and prospective to their page. When there are events happening in Victoria the company actively tweets leading up to the event and also during the event, which makes sense considering the industry. In my opinion Copeland is effectively using social media. Doug Brown, Owner and Managing Director,  has not only made social media a priority but also believes it is a vital part of any business.

I recently met Doug Brown at NABS Vancouver Island where he explained to me, when working with clients the end result is critical. Once you need to find the end result, you need to work backwards to integrate traditional and social media marketing together in order to reach your target market. Easier said than done, I am sure!

There are many differences between traditional communication and social media however the major difference is the spread of the message/idea, which is limitless thanks to technology.

Integrated marketing communications allows companies to follow and connect with their target market and also combine social media into promotional elements to tap into the viral marketing tactic. Viral marketing is becoming popular by communicating the content, frequency, timing and medium of message by an organization along with traditional marketing tactics. Similar to traditional marketing and the spread of word of mouth to create a hype, Social media has harnessed “sharing” which allows for an article to be shared and also provides analytics on the popularity of the topic.

Social media is definitely not a replacement for traditional marketing. Generation Y is a lot more technology savvy then X and not everyone uses the Internet in the same way.

Also not everyone has the Internet, do you think I am kidding. I have a number of friends who are finding they are too connected. They have the Internet at work and on their smartphones that is it, they don’t have the Internet at home.

Social media has the downside that is constantly changing, Twitter is in today and could be replaced tomorrow and like a herd of elephants we will go…

Twitter also limits your character count, which means you have to be direct, effectively use links and create networks within your twitter network. I really like the challenge of this aspect. Twitter in my opinion is a more effective and professional network compared to others.

Remember to tie all social medias together. Copeland does this effectively by tying their blog, into their twitter and both of those into their webpage to create “yourcopeland.”

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5 thoughts on “Copeland Communications = Your Copeland = Effective Social Media Branding

  1. Doug Brown says:

    Thank you for your generous comments about our social media efforts Avery. Social media is a great equalizer. In the past, the companies with the biggest traditional media budgets would dominate audience awareness. Today any business with a good digital strategy and the will to execute it can create positive impressions. That’s amazing news for smaller companies, so I advocate it to all manner of businesses. The key is to actually have something to offer and not just to look at social as another platform to broadcast to the world how wonderful you think your business is. Be wonderful, and let your audience come to their own conclusion.

    Keep up the great blogging Avery and thanks again for the mention.

  2. annmarie2011 says:

    Avery, great article on your thoughts following Copeland Communications. One paralell I can draw from your blog is how Doug says “when working with clients the end result is critical. Once you need to find the end result, you need to work backwards to integrate traditional and social media marketing together in order to reach your target market.” In another class, my instructor spoke of finding the “tribe” or target market and selling your product, service or message to them. The key however, as you said, is that this is easier said than done. Often, marketers are sorely mistaken about the tribe the “tribe” they are trying to reach and money or resources are wasted on unsuccessful or distaseful ad campaigns. Many times, this tribe/target market is found by accident, hence, the success of some viral ad campaigns that were not intentionally planned but resonate with a particular

  3. Mika says:

    I am a follower of Copeland Communications on Twitter as well, and I also have to say that I am extremely impressed!

    Doug Brown spoke to one of my classes last year, and I think half way through his talk I was already on my BlackBerry locating him & Copeland on Twitter. To say that this guy “get’s it” would definitely be an understatement. I was so unbelievably impressed with Doug when he spoke to us, and I am just as impressed with the Copeland Twitter & Blog.

    I think it is especially refreshing to see how supportive Copeland and Doug are of the young talent and students in Victoria. They are constantly promoting students through their Twitter account and ReTweeting thought provokers from these young-guns. I’m sure some agencies and organizations would think – why bother? However, because of this Copeland Communications has been able to, and will continue to be able to hand select their new employees. I have spoke to many students who now say that a position at Copeland would be highly coveted. Great job Doug – you’re definitely ahead of the game in more ways than one!

    • Doug Brown says:

      Well that’s a hell of a thing to read Mika. Thank you. I believe we get far more from our connection with students than we ever give. Generally students are not jaded, their enthusiasm is infectious and they genuinely appreciate a bit of insider info. Everyone at Copeland feels it’s a privilege to help smart young people as they make the transition from school to the working world.

      I will share your comment with the gang here. I know it will be appreciated. Thanks again.

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